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New York Street Market

Posted: 11/03/08

New York Street Market

Restaurant: NYC

Dre: We arrived in NYC in one piece. The 3 overnight drivers snacked on chips all night, and we were pretty hungry after our morning nap. Along Broadway near Columbia University, we came across a street market. As we walked along debating on what to eat, we noticed that the vendors and choice of food just repeated itself down the street. We had a choice of gyros, Thai food, burgers, or Mexican food, and we chose the following:

Spinach and Mushroom Crepe: Kitty stopped at a station that was selling various crepes. Her crepe was huge and looked really cheesy. The mushrooms and spinach looked good though. I think I need to ease myself slowly into liking savoury crepes. I wanted to get a nutella banana crepe, but I wanted to eat salty food first.

Mozza-Repa: Nelson got this because it looked really interesting. It looks like a pancake with melted cheese in the middle.

Sweet Potato and Regular Potato fries: Mike and I asked one vendor to try one sweet potato fry, but it was cold. So we walked and tried the next fry guys. They weren't fresh out of the deep fryer, but it was warmer than the other ones, so we decided to get them. The vendor let us have half/half, so we got to eat some regular potato fries (which were burning hot). It wasn't bad - if only the sweet potato fries were hotter it would have been better.

Fresh fruit shakes: Mike and Kitty both got a shake. For Mike's, I didn't taste too much mango as the pineapple overpowered the mango taste. But when you're thirsty, everything tastes good.

Nelson: Was it three drivers? I only remember two. The crepe was extremely cheesy. The whole thing tasted like cheese. I didn't think it was that good.

The Mozza-repa was advertised as Cornbread with Mozzerella. Sounds like a good concept and a lot of people were buying them, so I had to try one. It was dissappointing because the cornbread was actually just pancake. If it was really cornbread, then it might have been good, but with a pancake it just sucked.

The fresh fruit shake was really refreshing. They use apple juice as a base and it works well, so if you want to make one at home, remember to use apple juice!


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  • you, me, and mike.... and kitty slept and ate! haha
    dre @ 2008-11-03

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