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Stoney's Waterfront Cafe

Posted: 10/09/08

Stoney's Waterfront Cafe

Restaurant: Kingston Stoneys_Waterfront_Cafe

Nelson @ Stoney's Waterfront Cafe: My friend Cary tried to take us to a famous/popular wood oven pizza place in Kingston, but they weren't taking anymore customers that night. So we ended up at this place and since my mind was set on pizza, I tried their pizza. The "Pomodore Greco" had tomato sauce, fresh & sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, garlic, basil, feta cheese and mozzarella. Something just didn't work with this pizza. It didn't taste good. It didn't taste fresh, and was very pedestrian. The octopus salad we had to start was promising, but the cook burned the octopus, making the dish unenjoyable. The concept was good, but execution poor.

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  • Yah, sorry Nels. You would have liked Woodenheads much much more. Apparently there's another place just around the corner that had Woodenheads-style pizza that I didn't know about at the time (it's called Atomica). Hopefully if you ever stop by again, I'll get you properly fed!
    Cary @ 2008-10-20
  • I think the cucumbers were the best part of the octopus appetizer...
    Richard @ 2008-10-29

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