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Mackay Pizza

Posted: 10/24/08

Mackay Pizza

Restaurant: Brampton Mackay_Pizza

dre: Kaleb introduced us to Mackay Pizza back in high school. Everyone who lives in Bramalea knows about this place. We love it because it's huge, yummy, and cheap! They did so well that they opened up a second location in Brampton north and west from their original location at Mackay Plaza.

In between games at a softball tournament, we had 2 hours to spare before our next game, so we decided to get greasy pizza from Mackay Pizza. This pizza had bacon, Italian sausages, green peppers and I think one more topping, but I can't remember what it was. They also sell patties there, which I tried for the first time. In it had beef, lettuce, mayo and cheese. I can't say I'm a a big fan of it as the flavours did not go well together. It could have been more spicy. I think it was trying too hard to be a Jamaican calzone without the tomato sauce.

This picture was taken with the iPhone.

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  • The patty is an interesting idea. Maybe some other combination would work better....
    Nelson @ 2008-10-28

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