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Chicken a la King and Salad

Posted: 10/22/08

Chicken a la King and Salad

Restaurant: none

dre: Mike cooked a fantastic Chicken a la King on rice. He used "Campbell's Chunky Soup - Eats like a Meal" as the base and added peas and chicken breast.

I looked up a recipe online to make a spinach salad. This dressing is made with balsamic vinegar, sugar, a can of mandarins, olive oil, paprika, and sprinkled with almonds, cranberries and chocolate chips!


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  • Nice plates!

    Chocolate chips? Really? I don't see any, but that would be a little strange in an salad...
    Nelson @ 2008-10-23
  • The chocolate chips were a nice surprise with the almonds. The dressing was already pretty sweet with the mandarins and the cranberries, but the chocolate chips were a "different" sweet.
    dre @ 2008-10-23

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