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Lone Star Family Fajitas

Posted: 10/01/08

Lone Star Family Fajitas

Restaurant: Lonestar Toronto

Nelson @ Lonestar: Lonestar's free nachos are really really oily and really good. We had some Queso as part of our meal, so we used that to dip as well (for extra fat).

Three of us split the Family Fajitas with 1/2 more pound of meat added. We tried both the chicken and beef, and both were good. It came with a lot of vegetables (including avocados), soft tortillas, cheese, sour cream, salsa and beans. The side we picked were onion strings, which was absolutely soaked in oil. It tasted good at first, but as we were slowly eating our fajitas it got cold and not as good. I still ate most of it though!

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