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Wimpy's Diner for Lunch

Posted: 10/16/08

Wimpy's Diner for Lunch

Restaurant: Brampton Wimpys_Diner

dre: Johnny came back for the weekend, so before we left, we went to Wimpy's Diner for our lunch and his breakfast.

I remember the breakfast being subpar, so I gave it another chance and hoped lunch was better. I ordered a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. It was quite dry and gross. Mike had a Chicken Souvlaki Sandwich. That was also very dry and disgusting. The waitress used the "What side do you want" tactic to make us think that our sides were included in the price. Our onion rings and homefries costed us about $7 more. What a rip!

Johnny had the Eggs and Steak breakfast. I didn't taste it, but it just looks like a large hamburger patty to me.

I would not go back to Wimpy's Diner.

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  • The same has happened at the new location on hurontario. For weeks the food was great then obviously as a cost cutting measure (something restaurants in Brampton are known for), I was served SLOP. I ordered pancakes and turkey bacon. Very easy order. The bacon was ice cold and the 3 pancakes pictured in the menu ended up one large one and flat.

    I did complain to the head office of course nothing will be done. I would bet the same "type" of people are running the east location... hint... hint.
    Kevin @ 2011-03-17

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