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East meets West

Posted: 10/12/08

East meets West

Restaurant: none

dre: On some of the hectic nights, we need to make quick meals so that we can head out the door. Usually we eat dumplings which is quick and easy. These dumplings are actually a little more complicated than just boiling because they need to be pan-fried to be crispy on the bottom. To make them, we poured enough water to have the water level about half a cm in the pan and just let it evaporate in the heat. As you can see, Mike doesn't care too much about appearance as some of the dumplings are upsidedown. One is eaten, but I think he was testing it out to make sure it was cooked.

I bought some organic mixed greens, through in some red onions and grape tomatoes and voila - a pretty salad!

We also made a banana and berry shake for our beverage.

Eastern food meets Western food... or Scarborough dumplings meets Brampton salad and shake!


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