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Tucker's Marketplace

Posted: 09/22/08

Tucker's Marketplace

Restaurant: Toronto Tuckers_Marketplace

dre: Mike really wanted to eat at Tucker's Marketplace on his birthday because he would get a free meal. They took his ID away for a while (to make a photocopy or write down his info???) and I wondered why. Maybe they mass fax it to all the Tucker's Marketplaces to make sure he doesn't eat at another one? Who's stopping him from eating lunch there and then eating dinner at the same place again? Can you go by yourself just to eat a free meal?

Anyway, we somewhat portion controlled ourselves and limited ourselves to 3 plates. What I didn't know was this "rule" Mike made up included dessert, so for my last plate, I put some creme brulee and a slice of chocolate cake. (Yes, it's chocolate cake, not burnt meat.)

However, both of us didn't have any pasta, so we got a 4th plate and shared some pasta. It was soggy and gross.

All-in-all, Tucker's has the best chili and I like the variety of food that is offered.

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  • I never liked Tucker's that much, but I have to admit their free birthday meal is a really good deal. I think I try to taste everything they have to offer, but it might be a better strategy to just try larger portions of fewer items
    Nelson @ 2008-09-22

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