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Posted: 09/18/08

A&W's "Greasy Spoon"

Restaurant: A_and_W Brampton

dre: I'm always looking for a good place to have a greasy spoon breakfast. Actually, let me correct myself - I'm always looking for a good place that offers CHEAP good breakfast. My criteria are combos with unlimited coffee, eggs, some sort of breakfast meat and toast. Anything else is an added bonus.

A&W surprisingly serves fresh breakfasts that meet my criteria all for $5 (taxes in). It comes with 2 eggs, 2 toasts, 3 strips of bacon (I usually substitute it for a sausage patty), and coffee (the hashbrown is an extra add-on). A couple years ago, it used to be a better deal - for $3.20, you get the above plus a hashbrown.

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  • I hear harveys breakfasts are pretty good too! Was also $3.20 years ago. Inflation...
    mike @ 2008-09-18

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