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Brix Napa Valley Grille & Wine Bar's Daily Special

Posted: 09/15/08

Brix Napa Valley Grille & Wine Bar's Daily Special

Restaurant: Brix_Napa_Valley_Grille Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Brix Napa Valley Grille & Wine Bar: This time I decided to have the daily special here. It was Carmelized Artic Char with bbq duck black bean dumpling & wilted spinach with citrus beurre blanc. It was a larger than expected portion of fish and it was cooked well. The dumplings were good too, with a novel taste, but left me wanting more as only 3 came with the meal.

We started the meal with mussels and sausage. It had corn and tomato in the topping as well, which made the dish more interesting.

Kitty had the Butternut Squash ravioli with scallops, shrimp and rapini tossed in sambuca cream. I'm not a fan of the sambuca taste, so I didn't particularly like this dish. It wasn't strongly flavoured though, so I still ate some.

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