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Lobster Royale

Posted: 09/13/08

Lobster Royale

Restaurant: Lobster_Royale Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Lobster Royale: The best way to have lobster is fresh. Lobster Royale ships their live lobster from the east coast and cooks individual lobsters straight up for each person. We had the lobster dinner, which includes garlic bread rolls (very buttery), lobster bisque (of course), salad, drink and a whole lobster.

There are two ways to get your lobster: Broiled or Steamed. Broiled is a steamed lobster cut in half and topped with bread crumbs and butter and then obviously broiled. Steamed lobster is lobster straight up. I thought the steamed lobster was better tasting, but both were very good. We also ordered Alaskan King Crab Legs (bottom picture).

I think they used to cater to white people, but the place is full of chinese people now. My mom even said they advertise in the chinese newspaper!

Having a whole lobster to yourself is a joy in of itself. What a luxurious awesome meal!

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