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Lai Toh Heen

Posted: 09/09/08

Lai Toh Heen

Restaurant: Lai_Toh_Heen Toronto

Nelson @ Lai Toh Heen: Another Winterlicious, but this time it's for lunch. This place is a fancy chinese restaurant that although not really fusion, really dresses up the chinese food in a western setting so that's it's approachable for non chinese people.

We started with a selection of dim sum, steamed minced chicken wonton, crystal shrimp dumpling, pastry with cured ham and shrimp and smoked turkey pastry. The har gow was pretty typical (still good though) and the chicken wonton soso. The two pastry ones were interesting because they are not typically chinese, but the taste emphasized the pastries' doughiness. It was ok.

The shrimp wontons in chicken consomme was nothing out of the ordinary, but I like this dish in general, so this was a good version of the dish. There was also a hot and sour soup with shredded chicken vegetables, which I'm usually not a big fan of, and this one didn't make me change my opinion.

The served a fairly fancy (for chinese food) Bowl of Crispy noodles shredded duckling and rainbow vegetables in King Tao sauce. The duckling was really fatty and not that enjoyable, but I'm always a big fan of crispy noodles and these were cooked well, although the quantity was a little small.

For dessert, it was a cream custard tart (not the typical egg custard) and a deep fried sesame ball filled with young ginger & lotus paste. I couldn't really taste the ginger (thankfully) and otherwise this tasted like it usually does. The cream custard which looked different, also didn't taste much different from the regular egg custard tarts.

This meal cost $20, which is pretty pricey for what you get. I might try it when it's not on winterlicious to see if the enormous cost increase is justified, but I have a feeling it is not.

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  • You went to a Chinese restaurant for Winterlicious?????. The crunchy noodles look tiny :(
    dre @ 2008-09-09
  • Yeah, Matt suggested it. The noodles were pretty small, but the fatty duck fills you up.
    Nelson @ 2008-09-10

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