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Globe Bistro

Posted: 09/05/08

Globe Bistro

Restaurant: Globe_Bistro

Nelson @ Globe Bisto: Another Winterlicious meal, this time at Globe Bistro on Danforth. They started off with really fresh bread with hummus and butter. Someone else tried the salad: Organic spinach, frisee, walnuts, green apple, ermite blue dressing. Kitty ordered the Indian Roasted Tomato Puree with coconut paneer, coriander, preserved lemon. I had the Winter Spiced East Coast Scallop, with pumpkin puree, pumpernickel croutons and maple syrup foam. The scallop pieces were really large, although they were burnt a little too much which masked their flavour. The maple syrup foam was interesting, very light in flavour and went well with the heavy, burnt taste of the scallop.

For the main, I had the Braised Rabbit Fricassee with cumbrae's smoked bacon, oven roasted tomatoes, wild mustard, crisp yukon gold crisp. It wasn't a very memorable dish, but I do remember the rabbit wasn't very meaty. I believe it tasted like a stew with all the flavours homogenized by the tomato.

Kitty had the Truffled Ricotta Gnocchi with roasted butternut squash, pine nuts, burnt butter froth and crisp sage. The foam made it a really interesting presentation, as it just sat there looking foamy. This dish was really tasty with the different elements going together really well. I remember even the crisp sage was really tasty too!

For dessert we had the maple caramel banana screech cake with creme anglaise and molasses sugar. It was a really fancy name for a plain piece of cake, but at least it was dressed up with a tasty cream sauce and bananas. The other one was a house made selection of ice cream and sorbets. This was really good, with a nutty (walnut?) ice cream and sweet sorbets. The disappointing part was that the portion was so small!

I'm not sure I would go there again, because I have a feeling the regular prices are really high hand the dishes didn't really wow me.

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