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Winterlicious at Truffles

Posted: 08/30/08

Winterlicious at Truffles

Restaurant: Toronto Truffles

Nelson @ Truffles: Truffles is one of the hardest reservations during Winterlicioius to get and we were fortunate to get it. The bread service had a nice variety, but it wasn't the best I've ever had.

The soup was Butternut Squash Veloute with Spiced Apple Relish and Bacon Chantilly. The salad was Warm Dates stuffed with Goat Cheese in bitter greens, pistachios, blood orange vinaigrette. Kitty had the soup and I didn't have very much as she loves Butternut Squash. The salad was a new experience for me, and very good because the dates and goat cheese were really tasty. The pistachio and oranges complemented nicely, surprisingly.

For the main dish, can you guess what the white stuff is? At first when we got the dish, we weren't sure what food it was, but we discovered that it was the potato puree in tube form. The dish, Beef Bourguignonne with truffle pomme puree and red wine jus, was fantastic. The beef was soft and tender and the sauce complemented the dish well. It wasn't as good as steak though, because of the cut of meat.

For dessert, we had Bailey's Creme Caramel with bruleed banana and vanilla espresso caramel. The other one is warm molten chocolate and raspberry cake with cashew nut ice cream. The creme caramel was decent, and bruleed banana not that good. The chocolate cake was good because it wasn't too sweet, but it did taste a little plain.

Overall, I think Truffles had some of the best presentation of their dishes I've seen. The food was good, but not spetacular, but I suppose it's Winterlicious, so they have to cut corners somewhere. I would like to try them not during winter/summerlicious as I'm sure their presentation will be as spetacular as their food.

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  • What happened the the other entree?!
    dre @ 2008-09-03
  • We both got the same entree, because neither one of us wanted the fish!
    Nelson @ 2008-09-03

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