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TJ's Old Chicago post triathlon

Posted: 09/16/08

TJ's Old Chicago post triathlon

Restaurant: Brampton TeeJays

dre: As per usual tradition, after a gruelling physical activity, we go to eat a greasy fatty meal to celebrate. We took Doug to an affiliate of the Turtlejacks restaurant in Brampton, called TJ's Old Chicago. I think it's the sports bar version of Turtlejacks, but I don't see a big difference in the decor of the restaurant, but their menus are slightly different. (TJ's has a smaller selection.)

Anyway, I had a Memphis Roasted Pulled Pork pizza. Ever since my experience from rib fest, I've been dying to eat another pulled pork sandwich. I remember seeing Turtlejacks at the rib fest and figured, if they are good enough to make it to rib fest, then their pulled pork can't be that bad. Their description: "Our famous pulled pork tossed in a BBQ sauce piled high, with corn salsa, hot banana peppers, cilantro and mozzarella cheese." It was delicious!

Mike had a Jerk Chicken Panini: Seasoned grilled chicken breast, jalapeno jack cheese, pineapple, sliced red onion, baby spinach on a hoagie bun with jerk mayonnaise. Sounded good on paper, right? The presentation and taste was disappointing. It looked more like a regular sandwich than a panini and I hardly tasted any jerk sauce.

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  • My sandwich was a waste of $10! Don't get it!!
    mike @ 2008-09-16
  • It's an interesting idea for pizza and it looks pretty good too.
    Nelson @ 2008-09-18

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