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$2.22 Toonie Tuesday

Posted: 08/26/08

$2.22 Toonie Tuesday

Restaurant: Kentucky_Fried_Chicken

Nelson @ KFC: I don't eat KFC anymore, but I just happened to be going to the Canadian Tire and right beside it I discovered the KFC. And it just happened to be Tuesday, so I decided to have a Toonie Tuesday. I haven't eaten them in such a long time that I didn't realize they raised their prices to $2.22. But, the day I went was the last $2.22 Toonie Tuesday and they increased it to $2.50. So this picture commemorates my first and last $2.22 KFC Toonie Tuesday. As always, it was greasy.


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  • yum! today is a tuesday as well... did you plan the post to make us crave (fake) toonie tuesday?.
    dre @ 2008-08-26
  • Yes it was intentional. Did you have KFC today?.
    Nelson @ 2008-08-26
  • KFC Chicken is not Well done for it name, it is not cooked enough for Billion Dollar business. People who rune(Co-op Elements) who took the business have to take care of the Product rather Concentrating on Raising Prices.
    Shanmuganathan Jeyaram @ 2015-03-03

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