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Thee Asian Kitchen

Posted: 08/22/08

Thee Asian Kitchen

Restaurant: Markham Thee_Asian_Kitchen

Nelson @ Thee Asian Kitchen: This place is AYCE Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese an Thai, just about all the major asian cuisines. Their selection is absolutely huge, and has many items from each country. Normally with that much choice, the quality suffers, but surprisingly, this place makes the different types of foods at a high quality. The pho for example (not pictured) really tasted like pho; the thai curries tasted like thai curry, etc.

From the top: Egglplant with Bono flakes, which move around when served hot. Various sushi rolls. Shrimp balls (usually found in chinese banquets). Sashimi. Beef rolls. Jellyfish. Veggie sushi rolls (has seaweed inside!). Korean beef ribs. Thai Curry chicken. Mussels (chinese style). Shrimp and tofu (Thai). Thai chicken satay skewers. Sweet and Sour pork. Various desserts.

In the back, they have Japanese style seating, beside a small salad/dessert buffet. I was treated to this meal, so I'm not sure how much it costs, but if it's in the range of AYCE sushi, then that's a good deal!

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  • Nice selection! Whereabouts is this place?.
    dre @ 2008-08-22

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