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Tandoori Flame

Posted: 08/25/08

Tandoori Flame

Restaurant: Brampton Tandoori_Flame

dre: We went to an Indian buffet in Brampton, as there are lots in this city. This building actually used to be Vinnnie Zucchini's, an Italian buffet restaurant that closed down at this location.

I wish I could tell you what were on these plates. I tried to be adventurous and and taste a bit of everything, but there were some things that I knew I don't like, such as paneer (cheese!).

There was also a big commotion/lineup for the balls shown at the bottom of this picture, so we went to get some. They were very sweet, but the sauce/dip that came with it smelled very unpleasant... Needlessly, we never finished the balls.

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