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India's Taste

Posted: 08/12/08

India's Taste

Restaurant: Brampton Indias_Taste

Nelson @ India's Taste: You have to go to Brampton for Indian. This Indian buffet is only about $10, but has a wide variety of choice (not pictured). I'm not that familiar with Indian food (I can't name anything in the picture), and I would like an Indian guide to teach me...or someone from Brampton.


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  • dude... just because you're getting old, doesn't mean you can upload pictures slowly :)

    I have a picture coming up from an Indian buffet as well ... and I have no idea what I ate.
    dre @ 2008-08-12
  • I went here with Susan once on Richard's recommendation. It was pretty good and we definitely got full. We didn't know what a quarter of the stuff was, but I pigged out on naan, roti, and the chicken dish in the big glass covered chafing dish. They also had this sweet potato or carrot (or both) stewed dish that was awesome. I also loved the milk-flour balls in the honey sauce. Kind of too sweet, but still very tasty.
    Matt @ 2008-08-16
  • Yeah, I went with Richard and Tim, on Richard's recommendation.

    I find the milk-flour balls (wikipedia tells me they are called Gulab Jamun) are tasty the first bite, but too sweet for the remainder.
    Nelson @ 2008-08-18

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