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Verses - Veal Ribeye and Duck Duck Goose

Posted: 08/06/08

Verses - Veal Ribeye and Duck Duck Goose

Restaurant: Kitchener_Waterloo Verses

Nelson @ Verses: For the main courses, I had the veal ribeye, described as "Grilled Provimi veal served with crab and Yukon gold potato croquette, French green beans and baby red beets with forest mushroom cream sauce". The veal was really thick, with a really tasty outside and a raw, tender, juicy inside. The crab croquettes, were like hash brown potatoes with a hint of crab. Something I've never had before and it was good, but could have used a bit more crab. The beets, mushroom and green beans complimented the dish really well.

The bread service was good, with a wide variety to choose from and we ordered wine as well.

Kitty had "duck duck goose", described as "Seared rare Mullard duck breast, Confit of Muscovy duck leg, House made goose sausage, Sauteed Swiss chard, cauliflower puree, cranberry cornmeal muffin, sweet potato batons and wild blueberry reduction." The rare duck breast was so juicy, fatty and sooo good. The confit was tasty as well, with a soft texture and luxurious sauce. Unfortunately, the goose sausage was dry, firm and tasteless. It could have used some more fat or different preparation. The vegetables and sweet potato rounded out the dish nicely with the cranberry cornmeal muffin seeminly a bit out of place, but tasty nonetheless.

We didn't want dessert, but I suppose as standard procedure, they brought out (free) chocolate truffles to end the meal.

This was one the best meals I've had in Waterloo, but it was also by far the priciest (as far as I can recall, the priciest meal I've ever had). The bill was almost $200, but luckily I had a gift certificate to absorb some of the cost.

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  • Very fancy! I've been watching a lot of Food Network lately and appreciating more of the plating and presentation of the food. Many times, I take the picture, but I'm too hungry to realize the effort put into presentation. Looks like you guys had a good time!
    dre @ 2008-08-07

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