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Tortilla Flats

Posted: 07/31/08

Tortilla Flats

Restaurant: Toronto Tortilla_Flats

Nelson @ Tortilla Flats: I went to watch Enchanter, and went to catch a bite to eat afterward, even though I had already eaten dinner. I split an order of Nachos, which were really cheesy and as a result difficult to eat. The other picture is the sampler plate, which included nachos (not as good as the full order), garlic bread, chicken wings, calamari and cheese sticks. So much cheese, or otherwise known as Dre's nightmare!

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  • the cheesy nachos actually look really good! The cheese sticks though, not a fan haha
    dre @ 2008-07-31
  • For some reason it cooled down really quickly, then the cheese made everything stick together. I've had better nachos before. Seems like you are an expert on Mexican now, after your trip where it seems you exclusively ate Mexican food.
    Nelson @ 2008-07-31

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