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Green Beans with Pine Nuts

Posted: 07/29/08

Green Beans with Pine Nuts

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Nelson: Grace came back for US Thanksgiving, so we decided to have Turkey. To mix it up, we tried making green beans with pine nuts. It was a good idea, but unfortunately, while the nuts were frying in the butter, they got a bit burned. It still tasted pretty good, but next time will have less burning.


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  • I think they were slivered almonds. Those would be giant pine nuts.
    Grace @ 2008-08-05
  • Yeah, i was wondering about that, looking up pictures from the internet of pine nuts. I didn't think about slivered almonds, which is what we actually used. I saw a lot of recipes with pine nuts and green beans, so I assumed (wrongly) that they were pine nuts.
    Nelson @ 2008-08-06

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