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Italianni's Lunch

Posted: 08/11/08

Italianni's Lunch

Restaurant: Italiannis Mexico

dre: We arrived in Mexico City and boy was it different! Firstly, most people cannot speak English, so after some close calls in some sketchy restaurants, we opted to go to this Italian restaurant located beside the Sheraton Hotel. (Where there are hotels, there are English speaking people!!)

After a 10 minute wait (even at 3pm!), we were seated, an English speaking waiter was assigned to us, and we perused the menu. This place had many choices, so Mike decided on a Chicken Fettecini with pesto and cream sauce, and I had a lasagna.

It was delicious! What impressed me the most was that portions were so generous and left us very satisfied! Not to mention the bill wasn't as much as equivalent restaurant here in Canada.


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