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Bandidos, our last dinner in Zihuatanejo

Posted: 08/09/08

Bandidos, our last dinner in Zihuatanejo

Restaurant: Bandidos Mexico

dre: We've heard mixed reviews about Bandidos from the tourists at the resort. But since it was mentioned by everyone, we decided we HAD to try it out. It was our last meal in Zihuatanejo.

Of course, the appetizer was nachos with green spicy salsa and pico de gallo salsa. Again, we stuffed our faces with too many chips and were stuffed after eating the main course.

The waiter/owner kept mentioning his chicken cordon bleu so many times that I decided to try it even though it wasn't Mexican food. It was pretty heavy with all that cheese, and although it was tasty, I am still not a big fan of stuffed chicken with cheese.

The waiter/owner also recommended the Molcajete. This molcajete bowl is made of lava rock and reminded me of a mortar and pestle. The lava rock can be heated to a really hot temperature and the food is cooked in it. Our stew, which consisted of beef, onions, prickly pear cactus, manchego cheese, green onions and cilantro stayed bubbling for a good 30 minutes after it was served to us. It was definitely one of my favourite dishes that I've had here in Mexico.


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