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Any's part 2

Posted: 08/05/08

Any's part 2

Restaurant: Any Mexico

dre: We returned to the Any's restaurant. On the menu, it said that they were famous for their pozoles. On the picture in the menu, we thought the pozole looked like a dip with many items to dip it with. When we actually got the dish, we realized that it was a stew that you can put the side items into it. I wasn't a big fan, and it was too hot to fully enjoy the stew.

I ordered the Mexican Any's Style Tacos. I had 4 choices of meat and picked cecina, carne enchilada, sausage, and tinga. I had no idea what cecina, carne enchilada or tinga were, but the tacos were wonderful - the best I've ever had! And there was no cheese! I wish I could tell you which taco was with which meat but... I can't.


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  • Very colourful! I like visual appeal of these dishes
    Nelson @ 2008-08-06

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