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Zi Dinner part 2

Posted: 08/01/08

Zi Dinner part 2

Restaurant: Mexico Zi

dre: After a long day of golfing in the extreme heat, we didn't want to go far to eat, so we settled for the Zi Restaurant at the resort.

It was 2-for-1 margarita night, so we started off with this cold refreshing drink.

I tried the Tamales Zi, cuz I had no idea what tamales were. When the dish arrived, I didn't know how to eat them. Confused, I finally figured out that I had to unravel the leaves and eat the insides. Tamales turned out to be a doughy texture, sometimes grinded up with meat, in this case, I ordered it with pork. It was all right and I think it's better as a lunch or snack dish than a dinner item.

Mike had the Chicken Breast Stuffed with Spinach and Cheese. The couscous that came with it was yummy. I think Mike was disappointed at the size of the dish, even though it was very tasty.

The bad thing about fancy restaurants is that the portions are usually smaller, but the good thing is that the quality is much better.


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  • I'm going to try tamales at the next mexican restaurant I go to. They have quite a history according to wikipedia
    Nelson @ 2008-08-06

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