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Amuleto Dinner

Posted: 07/28/08

Amuleto Dinner

Restaurant: Amuleto Mexico

dre: For my birthday, Mike took the advice of some other tourists and took me to this restaurant that only had 7 tables. You had to make reservations in advance, and it looked over the bay and into the sunset. The view was amazing!

It was one of the more expensive dinners we had here in Mexico, about equal to a fancy dinner here in Canada. The food was first class quality and so was the service, so it was probably a better deal if you had to compare apples to apples.

We started off with wine, in which a fly decided to land and swim in when I was halfway through, but the restaurant replaced it at no charge. The bread was your typical bread served with olive oil and garlic butter.

I had the lobster and shrimp risotto (risotto de langosta y camaron in spanish). I am liking risotto more and more now. It wasn't a large portion, but the risotto was heavy enough to make me satisfied. The lobster and shrimp were scrumptious!

Mike had the breaded parmasean tuna steak with black pepper sauce (atun com parmesano). I've never had tuna steak before, and was surprised at how much it tasted like an actual steak despite the light texture. Mike accidentally ordered medium rare, forgetting it was fish, and it gave us stomach problems after.

But hey, we're starting to delve more and more into seafood so at least we're expanding our horizons!


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  • Wow, so adventurous! That lobster looks awesome....much better than typical lobster risotto which usually consists of a few chunks of lobster mixed in with the risotto.

    Seared Tuna is good medium rare. My guess is that the sickness was more of a mental thing, because rare Tuna is safe to eat :)
    Nelson @ 2008-07-28

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