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Chicken Parmigiana

Posted: 07/19/08

Chicken Parmigiana

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ home: I almost made Chicken Parmigiana for Carol's potluck. I tried making some the week before, but when I tasted it, it was too similar to the lasagna that Carol was making so I opted for a Chinese dish.

This was my first time making this, and it turned out really well. I tried two different methods of cooking them, in the oven and the stovetop. After all the lengthy prep work required for this dish, I was able to compare the two methods.

The oven method was a little slower than the stovetop because the heat transfers slower through the air. The result is a drier breaded chicken cutlet, but when I tasted it, I much preferred the moist stovetop version. Maybe some restaurants deep fry the chicken first for more crispness, but in the end it get drenched in tomato sauce anyway. The eggplant was cooked well for both versions and added an interesting texture and taste to the dish.

I really enjoyed eating these for the week. Too bad the prep work is a little annoying, otherwise I would make this more often.


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  • did you use slices of cheese?.
    dre @ 2008-07-23
  • Yes, expensive thick slices of cheese, that made the dish even better (can be seen on top of the pasta). At first I regretted buying such expensive cheese, but after eating it, no regrets.
    Nelson @ 2008-07-23

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