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Carol's Potluck

Posted: 07/17/08

Carol's Potluck

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Carol's: Carol had a potluck at her new, really nice townhouse. I made a double cooked chicken spiced with star anise and cloves (I think), which I learned from my mom. It has a really unique taste and I like it quite a lot. The fact that the chicken is deep fried, but not oily helps as well.

Carol provided two lasagnas. Both good, but the seafood lasagna was spectacular. I haven't had seafood lasagna often before, but I will definitely seek this out in the future.

I wasn't able take pictures of everything. I remember Richard brough appetizers (the same ones previously pictured on BiteMe) I captured Matt's noodle dish (he brought potatoes too, but not pictured) and satay chicken from Kitty. Dessert was an apple crumble with ice cream.

Good friends and good food!


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  • I'm impressed with the broccoli dish... it looks so good!
    dre @ 2008-07-18

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