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Mexicali Rosa's AYCE Tacos

Posted: 07/15/08

Mexicali Rosa's AYCE Tacos

Restaurant: Hamilton Mexicali_Rosa

Nelson @ Mexicali Rosa's: I was visiting Hamilton and someone suggested this place because they had AYCE Tacos. A good idea in principle, but how were we to know that their service was horrendous. We waited 20 minutes before we had to ask someone to come to our table to service us. They forgot to bring us the nacho's and salsa standard for all tables and we had to remind them multiple times.

Finally, the Tacos finally arrived. We immediately put in a second order, knowing it would take a long time. The second order took another 25 minutes to come out, meanwhile we had finished the first round in under five minutes because of our extreme hunger. The next rounds took just as long, resulting in night waiting in hunger. And then our final round of taco's came to our table cold!

This is one of the worse waiter service I've ever experienced. It was so bad, Matt wrote in to complain. They sent $10 coupons for our next visit, but I doubt there will ever be a next visit.

Disappointing, because the food was decent. The tacos could be hard or soft and chicken or beef. The dessert consisted of ice cream wrapped in Kellog corn flakes, while strange, tasted surprisingly good.

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  • I love mexicali rosa's!!! Too bad you had a bad experience. I've never had their tacos (I never knew they had AYCE tacos), but their gordita is so delicious and their chimichangas are sooooo good. If you don't want the coupons I'll take them!! (although this picture is probably pretty old and the coupons is probably expired)
    dre @ 2008-07-15
  • Yes, unfortunatly the coupon is expired...I just threw it out :(
    Nelson @ 2008-07-21

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