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Lunch at The Fat Mermaid

Posted: 07/16/08

Lunch at The Fat Mermaid

Restaurant: Mexico The_Fat_Mermaid

dre: I was told this place in the town of Zihuatanejo has the best fish tacos, so we decided to try them. We started off with Pacifico and Negra Mondelo beers to help us cool off from the heat. We had 2 types of fish tacos - one was a fillet and the other was shredded up fish. I had accidentally put haberno sauce on Mike's tacos so he didn't taste too much of it. (I thought it was tartar sauce haha).

I find that these small "al pastor" tacos kinda small and not too filling.


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  • The shredded ones look better. Have you tried the fish burrito from Burrito Boyz?.
    Nelson @ 2008-07-21

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