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AYCE Ye's Sushi

Posted: 06/23/08

AYCE Ye's Sushi

Restaurant: Kitchener_Waterloo Yes_Sushi

Nelson @ Ye's Sushi: Since Waterloo is so deficient in Asian dining, when Ye's AYCE sushi opened, it was constantly full of University students. They so successful that they opened another one closer to the University. The most interesting one they have on the menu is called Maple roll, which has a bit of maple syrup. Otherwise, the place is ok. They cut small slices of sashimi and sometimes it's not the highest quality, but it's good for Waterloo I suppose. A little pricey as well, at $25, but once again, I don't expect much from Waterloo.

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  • somehow I stumbled upon this page doing a search! what a coincidence! But yes, the new ye's in waterloo (not kitchener) is really really good now! comparable to toronto i'd say. you should give it a second try! =)
    Mary @ 2010-04-08

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