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Tapas Part 1

Posted: 06/24/08

Tapas Part 1

Restaurant: Embrujo_Flamenco Toronto

dre: I've never had tapas before, even while I was in Spain. With 6 people, we were guaranteed to try a lot of different dishes, despite having tiny portions. Tapas is what I call Spanish Dim Sum. Be prepared for a whack load of pictures:

  1. Tortilla - Not like its French or Mexican cousins, this Spanish original is a thick wedge of potatoes, onions and eggs
  2. Pollo Anduluz - Bone in organic chicken thighs in a saffron and wine sauce
  3. Chorizo Envueleto - Flaky puff pastry filled with chorizo and grated cheese - this was one of my favourites!
  4. Pato con peras - Duck confit with pears - no one can cook duck better than the Chinese, so I didn't find it too interesting , only that it was paired with pears.
  5. Solomillo contres salsas - Grilled black angus sirloin served with three different sauces (Chive, mustard, and romesco)

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