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Quizno's Beef Sub

Posted: 06/11/08

Quizno's Beef Sub

Restaurant: Quiznos

Nelson @ Quizno's: I try to avoid Quizno's since their subs can contain 2000 calories each. I tried this beef with cheese and mushrooms in a creamy caesar-like sauce. It very rich, and the meat quality was really good, but overall not that spectacular. I don't think they asked whether I wanted any vegetables, so I got none. Without vegetables, this sub was subpar.


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  • whoa... so fatty!!! why is that?.
    dre @ 2008-06-11
  • I don't know why exactly....it's just everything together is unhealthy. Go online and do some searches on nutritional info for Quizno's and you won't like what you find.
    Nelson @ 2008-06-18
  • Just for you info... Most 5 inch subs are under 500 calories or right around. This large 11 inch sub on wheat bread is a Prime Rib Mushroom & Swiss which has 1075 caleries. Everything at Quiznos is healthier! The breads do not contain preservatives or additives. The cheeses are all natural... not processed! The meat is real prime rib steak, black angus steak, real chicken breast and turkey breast. We do not have processed food. Check your statistics on quiznos.com website again and I think you will be surprised because they are MUCH lower than 2000 calories... not even close! This same (well not really, when you have processed cheese and thick chewy, who knows what it is, steak) sandwich goes for over 1200 calories! Remember when you are checking Subways site they do not factor in sauces or different breads or different cheeses! Customize it yourself and I think *YOU* will be highly surprised that Quiznos is far lower and way healthier and five days fresher!! Also our prime rib steak sandwiches are right around $8 while Subways are around $10!
    QuiznosManager @ 2012-01-16
  • Also, just so you know, Quiznos has "Chef-Inspired Recipes" so we only ask you what is listed by the sandwiches name (read your info). If you want anything extra (@ no extra cost, besides extra cheese, bacon or guac), all you have to do is .... ASK! Good luck, hope you give us a try again!
    QuiznosManager @ 2012-01-16

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