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Carol's Wedding Banquet

Posted: 06/05/08

Carol's Wedding Banquet

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Chinese Restaurant at Hwy 7 and West Beaver Creek: Unfortunately I was a little late to Carol's dinner reception because of softball playoffs (top 4 out of 51 teams, what a great run!). Luckily, the guys saved me some shark fin soup and a shrimp ball. Other dishes include chicken with shrimp chips, vegetables and mushroom (I like this one), fish (not pictured), lobster, noodles/fried rice and Chinese desserts. I was at a table full of Chinese people, but either they were lazy eaters or didn't like real Chinese food, so I got a lot of lobster and red bean dessert soup (not pictured) to myself! Yay! The speeches were touching, entertainment fun and food yummy, making for a touching, fun and yummy evening!


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