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Dre's Wedding Food

Posted: 05/30/08

Dre's Wedding Food

Restaurant: La_Primavera Vaughan

Nelson @ Dre's Wedding: I felt it was my responsibility to take pictures of the food, since the bride would be occupied. There was so much food and I took too many photos - the ones presented are a small subset.

After the ceremony the church's basement was full of chinese food, various dim sum, sushi, rice and noodles. The best was the roast pork, which crunchy, salty and moist. There was also a dessert spread, which was pretty good as well. I ate too much here, because dinner was only hours away!

At the reception, they were serving Martini's! I had a chocolate banana one, because Kitty didn't like it. I agree with here, it was gross.

The main dinner started with a salad with lot's of fruit. I liked the dried cranberries the best. The pasta consisted of farfalle in tomato sauce and a mushroom risotto. The risotto was excellent. The main consisted of beef (Veal?) and stuffed chicken with vegetables and potato. Surprisingly I finished that plate completely.

Then the desserts. A large spread of cakes and various baked goods, but the definite highlight was the waffle bar! They have three people working it! The ice cream that went on top was especially good. I can't believe I ate so much.

The last photos are the wedding cake and the bride enjoying the waffles!

Congrats on getting married Andrea!


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  • I missed the taro things @ the church!!! I wonder if there were leftovers of those :( :( :( Actually, i didn't eat any food @ the church. I am sad now after seeing the pics.

    I only ate half the salad cuz there was too much cheese. I ate all the risotto cuz it was so good and half the farfalle. Then I only ate half the chicken and one piece of the beef. Oh man, the chicken was soooo good! So juicy! Not a fan of the potatoes though.

    I'm glad I got a waffle although I almost missed it... they were starting to clean up at that point.

    The beef was called "Chateau Briande" and i suspect that it's a roast prime rib...?

    I hope you enjoyed all the food!
    dre from mexico! @ 2008-05-30

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