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Peter's on Eglinton - Large Souvlaki Dinner

Posted: 06/10/08

Peter's on Eglinton - Large Souvlaki Dinner

Restaurant: Mississauga Peters_On_Eglinton

dre: Knowing that the portions are huge at Peter's on Eglinton, we ordered 2 Large Souvlaki take out dinners for 4 people.

A couple years ago, Mike ordered the small souvlaki dinner and was impressed by its sheer size (after much warning from me that it was huge portion). He asked the waitress, "How much more food is the large souvlaki dinner?" The waitress replied, "You're guaranteed 2 pounds of meat."

So here you have it - shown above is 2 large portions, and 4 people could not finish it.


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  • Wow, those portions are gigantic. Wow. How much does it cost?.
    Nelson @ 2008-06-11
  • it was about $20 per portion
    dre @ 2008-06-12

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