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Meat, meat, and more meat!!

Posted: 06/06/08

Meat, meat, and more meat!!

Restaurant: Memphis_Style_Smokehouse Toronto

dre: The first time I went to Memphis Style Smoke house at Yonge and Shepperd, I had completely forgotten to bring my camera, so I vowed to do 2 things the next time I go: take Mike and my camera. The first time I went, I had a smaller version of this plate of meat.

Nelson, Richard and Doug were also with us at this time, so we got to share the biggest platter that was offered. There were 5 of us (4 guys and me) and we were stuffed! I think this could have fed 2 more girls, or 1 more guy haha. The cornbread is also amazing.

I wish they had a website so I could tell you what was on this platter, but I'll go by memory: Dry ribs, saucy ribs, riblets, 2 chicken thighs and legs, 1 chicken breast, pulled pork, beef brisket, sausages, beans, coleslaw, cornbread and fries.

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  • The ribs (wet and especially dry) i found were the best. The riblets were good too, the sausage was only ok, the brisket was really dry and not very good at all. The chicken was pretty good. The pulled pork was a tad dry and could have used a little more bbq sauce. The beans and coleslaw were pretty typical, but I liked their fries and yes, the cornbread was good.

    Nelson @ 2008-09-02
  • still comments after 3 months? haha
    dre @ 2008-09-03
  • Yeah, my friend went there recently and didn't like it. I told him I should have commented on the food, so I did....3 months after...
    Nelson @ 2008-09-03

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