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Greasy Spoon Breakfast post 10km run

Posted: 06/04/08

Greasy Spoon Breakfast post 10km run

Restaurant: Open_Stem_Kitchen Toronto

dre: I diligently surfed the web to find this restaurant called Open Stem Kitchen near the finish line of the Sporting Life 10km run and close to the Skydome. It's located on Queen St. just east of Spadina. I got 3 eggs over easy, home fries, sausages and toast. The coffee wasn't included in the meal and refills were $0.50. The food was okay. The thing I liked about the restaurant was that it was tiny and ghetto... but I don't think I'd go back.


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  • I wonder how long it'll take for my picture to appear!
    Nelson @ 2008-06-05

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