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3 Guys and a Stove

Posted: 05/25/08

3 Guys and a Stove

Restaurant: 3_Guys_And_A_Stove Huntsville

dre: My girls took me to a restaurant called 3 Guys and a Stove up in Huntsville. The chef, Jeff Suddaby, is featured on a cooking show - Who's coming for dinner.

At the top, our appetizer was a Navajo Flat Bread with Cajun chickpea hummus, grilled shrimp, roasted artichokes, shiitake mushrooms and tomato salsa. It was quite spicy from the Cajun sauce, but really good.

Vivien had the Curry Jasmine Rice - With almonds, roasted vegetables, fresh pineapple, coconut, raisins, grilled bananas, sweet fruit chutney and wildberry yogurt. It was incredibly spicy and she couldn't finish it, so we had it for breakfast.... very tasty!

Janette ate the Bay of Fundy Salmon - Grilled w/mustard seeds, lime honey w/coconut milk, steamed spinach and roasted almonds served w/whole grain brown rice, black-eyed peas & roasted vegetables. I tried her rice... it was good haha

I ate the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast - Skinned stuffed w/ricotta, marjoram & leeks w/JEFF The Cranberry Relish and grilled apples served w/roasted red potatoes and vegetables. Yes, it had cheese, but I didn't mind it. You can't really see my chicken either, but it was good and I enjoyed the abundance of vegetables.

The restaurant was dark and I was just learning how to adjust the ISO on my new camera... so I apologize for the grainy pictures.

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  • Or you can give up messing with the settings and just use flash, like I do. Regardless, it looks like a good meal.
    Nelson @ 2008-05-26

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