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Pizza Pizza pizza and Pizza Depot pizza

Posted: 05/05/08

Pizza Pizza pizza and Pizza Depot pizza

Restaurant: Brampton Pizza_Depot Pizza_Pizza

dre: The top pizza from Pizza Pizza has chicken, mushroom and zucchini on pesto sauce on a whole wheat crust. Tasted like pasta. The bottom pizza from Pizza Depot has Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, and mushrooms.

These pizzas were from different places, eaten on different days, but have much in common.

  1. Both pizzas were consumed after some sort of running activity. Top was after a 10k training run, the bottom was after a 2k run solely to get lunch. We ate half of it and then I ran back with Mike leisurely biking behind me holding the pizza box haha
  2. Both pizzas were taken by a blackberry camera

Okay, I think that is all.


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