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Blue Jays Home Opener Extravaganza

Posted: 05/03/08

Blue Jays Home Opener Extravaganza

Restaurant: none

dre: For the Blue Jays' home opener game, I had a couple people over where I served them 1 pepperoni pizza, 1 chicken pizza, ribs that I baked, and Mike's world famous nachos.

The pizzas were McCain Delissio pizzas.

For the ribs, the original plan was to BBQ them, but because of some freak wind storm we had, the BBQ was blown across the backyard and vomited everywhere. We did not notice because the BBQ had been covered with tons and tons of snow. We got it cleaned up only to BBQ the burgers and realized that propane was low. But in any case, I had boiled the ribs to speed up the cooking process and then put them in the oven after marinating them with some Chinese BBQ sauce on them. They were pretty tasty.

The nachos were quadurple-layers of nachos, cheese, ground beef, green onions. The top layer had salsa and they were put into the oven. I broiled it to melt the cheese faster, but the chips came out a little soggy. next time, I should bake them first, then broil.


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