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Cheong Fun with Dough Fritter

Posted: 04/04/07

Cheong Fun with Dough Fritter

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Cheong Fun with Dough Fritter sounds so wrong, because it's really "Jia Leung" (spelling) in chinese. I remember when this was new (at least to my family) and it instantly became one of my top 3 favourite dishes at Dim Sum!


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  • hahah i was going to upload the same pic I had... except mine was half-eaten already by my hungry friends.
    this is my fave dim sum dish
    dre @ 2007-04-01
  • Man I went to AYCE Dim Sum once, and they kept bringing this over and over even though we didn't order it...I ate so much of this ahhhgghhgg
    k3v @ 2007-04-04
  • It was new to me too, as Taiwan dim-sum didn't have this. One of my favorites as well
    Jerry @ 2007-04-05
  • i like this too at dim sum
    Grace @ 2007-04-06

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