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Shanghai Shikumen Fine Cuisine

Posted: 05/16/18

Shanghai Shikumen Fine Cuisine

Restaurant: Markham Shanghai_Shikumen_Fine_Cuisine

Nelson: Shanghai Shikumen Fine Cuisine for real Shanghai cuisine. We begin with the sweet and sour fish. I love how they cut this fish, coat it in flour and then deep fry it. This one was expertly deep fried too and it results in a visually stunning centerpiece. Plus the meat becomes easy to eat. The flavour was true sweet and sour, but not fake red in colour. One of my favourites.
This came early in the meal, but it is actually a dessert since it is sweet. It looks crunchy, but it isn't at all, instead it was surprisingly soft. Didn't know this could be a dessert, but it works.
A pot of goodies. I didn't eat much of this one.
XiaoLongBao. These were amongst the best I've had. Definitely really good for Toronto. Lot's of flavourful soup inside, held together with an intact shell. The meat was tender and tasty inside. Excellent.
Rice cakes. This was ok.
Deep fried buns. These also had liquid inside. You'd think it would be absorbed by the bun, but it wasn't completely. They were fried just the right amount too. This was unexpectedly good.
Noodles for my kid. They were good too, not overcooked and just enough flavour.
This meat/tofu/pepper dish was too dry to be enjoyable. The only miss out of all dishes from this night.

Really good meal, I think I found a go to place for Shanghai food.

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