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Boston Pizza Freebies

Posted: 05/07/18

Boston Pizza Freebies

Restaurant: Boston_Pizza Brampton

dre: Boston Pizza is a great family restaurant choice for us, now that Swiss Chalet prices are going up. We purchased a kid's club card from BP for $5 which gave us 6 free kids meals! I also got a coupon to try their new thin crust pizza for free - so the following was a great deal!

The girls got their own (free) kid's meals. 2 pizzas with bacon and pineapple. They split it half/half, though there were leftovers.

I got the Potato Bianca thin crust creation. It had thin slices of potato drizzled with honey. It was really good! I'm glad I tried this one (it was meatless!) over something else that sounded typical.

Mike got a chicken burger, I think? And his mom got a chicken pasta.


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