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Junk Exchange Dinner

Posted: 05/03/18

Junk Exchange Dinner

Restaurant: none

dre: Every Christmas, a group of friend get together and do a gift exchange. Except instead of buying presents, we go into the depths of our storage areas to find something that we no longer...need. Most people would call that junk. I premise it with, "Maybe it would be useful for someone else." This particular year, I gave my precious 100+ hangers... you know, the ones where you get at the dry cleaners? It turned out to be a popular gift as it got stolen several times. Probably because the other "gifts" were even more crappy.

Anyway, you can't have a gift exchange party without food! Our friends in Hamilton spoiled us with their delicious variety of food. They shop frequently at the Farmer's Market, which I've been to. Think of it as a cleaner, cheaper version of St. Lawrence.

A friend gave them a bull-shaped cured meat. The kids loved it and pretty much ate the whole cow by themselves.
Sauteed Brussels sprouts with bacon. This was the beginning of my love affair with Brussels sprouts
A Shepherd's Pie that a friend made for them. There was also prime rib at the main, but I forgot to take a picture of it.
My friend bought Sea Urchins from Fortinos. I tried them.... they were the fishiest things I've ever eaten. Can't say I'm jumping to have another piece anytime soon.
A friend of theirs also made cream brulee custard dessert.
Another friend made a cheesecake from scratch as well. I was so full, but I couldn't resist having a large slice. I wished friends would bake me delicious desserts all the time. I need to make new friends that bake!


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