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Mom's Homemade Feast

Posted: 05/14/18

Mom's Homemade Feast

Restaurant: none

Nelson: My sister was back and my mom cooked up a gigantic feast. She is good at that. I can't imagine making so many dishes myself. A mix of cold dishes and hot dishes helps with the preparation and timing of making the dishes. For example, there are some pickled cucumber and seaweed prepared ahead of time, refrigerated and then served.
A fish dish (frozen fish). The garnish makes it really colourful.
1 2 3 4 5 pork ribs.
Ti Pang, red cooked pork shoulder. One of my mom's specialties. The tender meat is delicious in the sweet dark sauce.
Bitter melon stir fry.
Drunken chicken and vegetarian medley.
Soup with beef tendon/brisket, carrot and turnip. Deep flavours to this dish when it is slow cooked like this.
Lastly a stir fry "fish flavoured pork" with this root vegetable. I can't find the name right now, but I want to learn to make this dish!

My mom is a great cook, I'm so lucky to eat her food! Happy Mother's Day!!!


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  • Wow amazing. I want to self-invite myself over for your mom's cooking.
    dre @ 2018-05-26

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