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Prime Rib Dinner

Posted: 05/06/18

Prime Rib Dinner

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Had the neighbours over and was originally going to cook steak, but ended up buying a prime rib instead. Much more expensive, but "easier" to cook. Two ribs is about the right amount for 4 people. I seasoned it and cooked it without using a meat thermometer...
...and it turned out great! A tad more well done than usual, but still good.
Made some roasted potato in the oven.
The neighbours brought over some vegetables.
As well as a delicious caesar salad. Not too much dressing like you get at restaurants but with all the other great ingredients like croutons and bacon.
Here is my glorious plate.
The neighbours also brought over dessert, and chocolate muffin with ice cream. Yum!


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