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Home made Shanghai Food

Posted: 04/30/18

Home made Shanghai Food

Restaurant: none

dre: I heard through several different sources that my friend's mother-in-law makes the best Shanghai food. So of course, we invited ourselves over. Her mother-in-law was apparently cooking all day for this meal! We started with deep fried (in a wok) chicken wings. Breaded and seasoned and fried in delicious oil.
Tofu and shrimp dish. This reminded me of a stew that I eat in restaurants.
I can't remember what the cubes were. I think it was some sort of meat. The tofu skin wrapped rolls were also home made. I ate like 10 of those. It was really good.
Turnips. I'm not a big fan of turnips, but I tried these anyway. A super delicious meal with good friends and wine.


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