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Hello Fresh Jalapeno Cornbread

Posted: 04/19/18

Hello Fresh Jalapeno Cornbread

Restaurant: Hello_Fresh

Nelson @HelloFreshCA: File this under dishes I would never in a million years make myself. Jalapeno Cornbread pie with pork and collard greens.
Here is the cornbread batter. I don't think I would ever consider making this from scratch. I don't bake much and it seems unlikely I would go out and buy the ingredients to make this.
Here is the pork, corn, onion and collard green foundation.
My pan wasn't quite the right size, but here is the baked result with cornbread on top.
And this is on the plate. The corn bread had a bit of kick due to the jalapeno, which I liked. I couldn't believe I was eating a legit cornbread that I baked. Collard greens I'm not a big fan of and there was a lot of it in this dish. Overall, I didn't like this one that much, but it definitly brought me out of my cooking comfort zone which was fun.


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